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Hawaii Oceanfront Estate

Heritage Church, Western Red Cedar Shingles Roof

Vancouver Oceanview home with red cedar roof

Bayshore Home, Western Red Cedar Roof

Luxury Vacation Resort, Western Red Cedar Tapersawn Roofing

BC Long Term Rentals, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Roof

Hawaii Oceanfront Paradise, Cedar Roof

Cedar Outdoor Storage, Shingles & Sidewalls

Suburban Home, Mansard Roof, Alaskan Yellow Cedar

Kauai Golf Course, Cedar Roof

Stanley Park Pavilion, Cedar Roof Installation

Cedar in the City - Western Red Cedar

Vancouver Charm, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shingles Roof

Island Life, Handsplit Shakes, Cedar Roof

Suite Escape, Premium Cedar Tapersawn Roofing

Residential Retreat, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Sea to Sky, Freshly Installed Alaskan Yellow Tapersawn

Sea to Sky, Weathered, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Tapersawn Roofing

Yellow Cedar Siding, Premium Tapersawn

Heritage Farm, Alaskan Yellow Cedar Perfections Roof

Sustainable Education, School with Western Red Cedar Premium Handsplit Shakes

S&W Forest Products

S&W Forest Products Ltd.

9500-288th Street
Maple Ridge, British Columbia
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PO Box 457,
Sumas, WA

(604) 462-0045
1-800-806-WOOD (9663)

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