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Fourth-generation cedar roofing manufacturer

4th Generation Roofing Manufacturer

S&W Forest Products is a fourth-generation family business, producing and exporting high-quality Cedar Shakes and Shingles since 1964.

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Fire Treated Cedar

Fire Treated Cedar

Fire treatment is available on all of our Cedar Shakes and Shingles. Beneficial when a fire rated assembly may be required or for any homeowner wanting to add peace of mind to their home.

Fire Treated Cedar Shakes Roof

Preservative Treated Cedar

CCA treatment is available on all of our Cedar Shakes and Shingles. Preservative treatment offers improved performance against insect attack, fungal decay and general prolonging of the roof lifespan.

Information for professionals


S&W’s goal is to help industry professionals use the best exterior product for all their projects. Learn more about our features, benefits. installation instructions, project examples, and other technical information.

  • S&W is a family company that consistently produces quality cedar shakes & shingles at competitive prices.

  • Ease of working with the group. Honesty.

  • Hard working mill that strives for innovation and quality.

  • Product, people, service and pricing. I like the small family-mill feeling.

  • Competitive pricing and quick response and turnaround is what helps S&W separate themselves from the pack.

  • Good quality wood from a family you can trust.

  • A good provider of high quality Yellow Cedar along with good lead times with delivery on all size of orders.

  • Helpful, attentive, valued my business.

  • They bring value by being available to answer questions and [are] knowledgeable about their product. This allows me to bring value to my customer.

  • Very well run business.

S&W Forest Products

Island Life, Handsplit Shakes, Cedar Roof

Cedar Handsplit Shakes

Cedar Handsplit Shakes have split faces and sawn backs. Cedar logs are first cut into desired block lengths and then made into blanks. These blanks or boards of proper thickness are then split and run diagonally through a bandsaw to produce two tapered shakes from each blank. This gives the roof a more rustic appearance than a tapersawn or a shingle.


Aged Tapersawn Home, Cedar Shingles

Cedar Tapersawn

Tapersawn Cedar Shakes are a hybrid of split shakes and shingles. Like a shingle, both faces are sawn, as are the edges, giving the tapersawn a uniform appearance. Thicker than shingles, the tapersawn shake has a heavier shadow line on the roof similar to a split shake.


Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles

Cedar Shingles are sawn on both sides and have a relatively smooth face and back. The reduced exposure of shingles obtains a true 3-ply roofing system. Available in Western Red Cedar & Alaskan Yellow Cedar. Used for both roofing and sidewall applications.


Yellow Cedar Roof

Yellow Cedar

Anything Red Cedar can do, Yellow Cedar can do better! Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a far more durable and denser species. Not only that, its uniform color, unlike Western Red Cedar, weathers into a beautiful one tone silver patina. A better product with no additional hassle!


Cedar Ridge Caps

Cedar Ridge Caps

Some end consumers like to create their own ridge caps on site, selecting the right pieces out of the bundles to join together. However, please note we offer all 3 types of ridge: Handsplit, Tapersawn and Shingle Ridge caps. They come fastened together so all that is needed to be done is nail them down!


Cedar Sidewall Shingles

Cedar Sidewall Shingles

Sidewall Cedar Shingles that are remanufactured are called R&R’s.  They have been “Rebutted” and “Rejointed” meaning the butt-end of the shingle has been trimmed and the edges have been made parallel.  This value added remanufacturing provides you with a perfectly square and desirable sidewall shingle.


  • Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
  • Fire Smart Roofing
  • Nemeon
  • PEFC

S&W Forest Products

S&W Forest Products Ltd.

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At S&W, we specialize in the manufacturing of Alaskan Yellow Cedar Shakes and Shingles.Learn more →