Fancy Butt Sidewall Shingles


Grades: Number 1 Grade
Lengths: 18 inches
Thickness: 0.40 inches
Width: 5 inches
Roof Exposure: 5 inches
More Details: Download Certi-Cut® Brochure

Designer Butt Shingles

Product Description

Fancy-Butt Red Cedar Shingles are a specialty product used to provide a variety of designs that add charm and an immediate visual impact to exterior and interior wall surfaces and roofs.

Available in Western Red Cedar & Alaskan Yellow Cedar.


Fire Treated Cedar

Fire Treated Cedar Shakes and Shingles

Fire treatment is available on all of our Cedar Shakes and Shingles. Beneficial when a fire rated assembly may be required or for any homeowner wanting to add peace of mind to their home.

See how our fire retardant products stack up.

Preservative Treated Cedar

CCA treatment is available on all of our Cedar Shakes and Shingles. Preservative treatment offers improved performance against insect attack, fungal decay and general prolonging of the roof lifespan.

Learn more about the benefits

Preservative Treated Cedar
Cedar roofing

30/50 Year Warranty

S&W Forest Products has produced and exported high-quality Cedar Shakes and Shingles since 1964. That’s why we are confident in providing a 30/50 year warranty. Our end consumers can be rest assured that their roof has been manufactured and graded to meet or exceed our grading standards.

Learn about our warranty

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